Forensic Engineering

SMR's forensic engineers and architects...

  • Perform cause and origin determinations
  • Conduct forensic inspections
  • Perform detailed analysis on legal matters
  • Produce findings that can be used as legal evidence
  • Analyze which building components failed and factors that caused the failure
  • Provide opinions on the standard of care that was provided
  • Analyze & determine whether their peers in the design profession were negligent in their contractual duties on the construction project
  • Provide access compliance of sites and buildings (ADA)
  • Become designated expert witnesses
  • Testify in mediations, arbitrations, and trials
  • In speaking to an audience at trial, arbitration, and mediation settings, our expert witnesses can convey deep technical concepts into layman’s terms that concern building failures and the resulting damages.
  • This sets them apart from the traditional engineering profession

Let SMR help you

  • Reach a solid understanding of the facts
  • Communicate the facts effectively with the purpose of preventing similar losses in the future
  • Reach a favorable resolution to your case