SMR Offers New ATFP Design Services

Mar 22, 2018

SMR has expanded into Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection (ATFP) design, analysis, and dynamic calculations in addition to our other services.

“We responded to an expressed need from our clients to expand our services by having our engineers undergo comprehensive training in Protective Design for military projects,” said Farzad Heidari, S.E., SMR Principal Structural Engineer-in-Charge. This training involved detail application of the requirements on several military projects for compliance with ATFP standards and codes in compliance with the Military codes (UFC 4-010-01).

“Recognizing the importance of early planning during the pre-award phase of projects and the challenges that ATFP requirements present motivated us to add this service to the benefit of the entire team, and most importantly, to the benefit of the project,” said SMR Founding Principal
Mehdi Rashti, S.E.

SMR’s comprehensive package of services includes protective design, analysis, and dynamic calculations for architectural, structural, and mechanical components, including standoff distances; progressive collapse prevention design; architectural site analysis; building envelope analysis such as structural hardening; air handling systems placement; and other security

The combined approach brings efficiency of service to the team to explore various design possibilities to meet both the structural design as well as the ATFP requirements. This “onestop-shop” combines the structural design as well as the protective design throughout the life of
the project from conception to completion to ensure reliability and consistency.

“Parking lots, landscaping, and site obstructions are prime examples of design challenges during the exploratory phase of the design. Establishing the dynamic pressures and potential hardening solutions involved are critical for quantifiable structural solutions, ready for cost estimating during the proposal phase and through the life of the projects,” said Hung Nguyen, S.E., Principal Structural Engineer-in-Charge of the Coastal Campus Naval Base project at Coronado, CA.


(Rendering: Courtesy of RQ Construction).

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